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The appeal for stone statuary has been passed down since the ancient times. Stone is favored because of their durability and their ability to stand out as exciting focal point for a setting. Stone statues, however, they are exposed to the elements, and therefore need to be cleaned from time to time. This cleaning will also help to preserve the statue. The natural growth of grimes, mosses, and other growths cover the statues, and they can penetrate into the statue causing discoloration. It is important to clean regularly to keep your statues looking beautiful. 

To clean a cast stone statue you should begin by using the least damaging solution possible. This is water. Spray it liberally over the statue so that any loose grime will be washed away. It is best to saturate the statue with water. You can now scrub the statue with a soft and clean brush. Gently scrub away the grime and growth that has attached to the statue. You should begin at the bottom of the statue, working upwards, using circular motions as you scrub over the stone. 

As you finish one section you should rinse the statue immediately. This is important because it prevent the statue from streaking. A simple garden hose is fine for this. At this point you can clean the garden statue with a neutral pH detergent. You should combine 2 tablespoons of the detergent per one gallon of water. Mix this in a bucket. You should rinse your pump sprayer out and refill it with the pH detergent solution. This should be sprayed over the whole statue. At this point, use the same soft brush and scrub the statue just like before. Scrub away any lingering attached grime. Pay special attention to the more detailed parts of the statue where it is easy for grime to build up. 

Once the grime has been removed, immediately rinse the statue with fresh water. This is important to avoid streaking from the cleaning and scrubbing. The statue should be left to air dry. It is usually a good idea to wash your product right after it has been installed. Typically during installation, depending on the type of the fountain, the main stains are dirt and mortar. Be careful id using an acid cleaners that they are thoroughly rinsed because they can cause corrosion. The key to cleaning your fountain is to know what the stain is, and then you will be able to figure out how to clean it. It is always recommended to test a small area of the cast stone, preferable a part that is hard to see, to make sure the cleaner will not harm the appearance of the stone. Depending on how your piece was shipped, the packing materials can cause stains on your feature. Wood packaging stains can be easily removed. 

It is not recommended to ever power wash your cast stone pieces. These can cause severe damage to the fountain. Also, avoid metal brushes, as these can cause scars on your piece. Basically the tools you will need include a pump sprayer, a soft clean brush, a garden hose, a bucket, the proper cleaning solution, and something to stir the solution with. These helpful steps should keep your cast stone items in perfect condition!