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As Fraschetti, writing in his important work on Bernini, wrote about the Trevi fountain, stating that it was quite possibly “a plagiary unprecedented in the history of art”, he was unaware of the sketch we have spent so much time dissecting. So was he wrong in his statement. The claim cannot be taken at face value, as Salvi did not construct the fountain ‘sic et simpliciter’, and passed of the work as his own. Instead the Trevi should be considered a true 17th century work instead of the 18th century. The grouping is a fine combination of themes, that even Bernini, may not have created differently, and maybe not more successfully either. Therefore, as Salvi called this project his “offspring” and the “child of his loins” he was correct in that he was the mother, but like any child it takes two, so the paternity of the fountain should be attributed to the great Gian Lorenzo Bernini, whose “genes” are very evident in this arrangement.

This concludes our look into the history of the most famous fountain in Rome, if not in the entire world: the stunning Trevi Water Fountain in the heart of Rome.

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