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Mother Nature is seen in her full glory in the beauty of her flowers. There are flowers that signal the coming of spring, with the early snowdrops and continue until the last chrysanthemum go dormant as winter moves in. You can create a wonderful floral arrangement that will last in your outdoor space all season long!

Trees and shrubberies can also add wonderful colorful arrangements, but the addition of floral that compliments your setting really makes the outdoor space come to life. Add different classes of floral, like bulbs, annuals, and perennials. You can add flowers to a border, plant them in containers, create flower beds, and add a wonderful decoration to your outdoor living area.

There is a wide selection of different flowers to choose from. In fact, there is such a variety that there is no limit to the combination and color schemes you can create. The wonderful thing about an outdoor space is the decoration can be changed, unlike an indoor space where the accents are often expensive and usually must remain in the same place. Flowers, on the other hand, create different colors at different times, with a different style as each new bud blooms! The look can even change down to the different hours of the day, creating a stunning presence!

You can plan a border relatively simply, just using your own personal taste. You can use different material with unique textures to create the flower wall, and choose the color of flowers you want, just like you would choose the color of your indoor walls.

Where to Plant:
An outdoor living space can certainly gain from the incorporation of flowers, creating a wonderful picture for your outdoor room. If growing flowers is hobby, adding a flower bed will make a wonderful living touch for your room. Flowers will add a rich and marvelous touch to a space, just be sure to choose wisely and place your flowers properly.

For an outdoor living room, it is often bet to confine flowers to the borders. This way you still have your hobby, while the flowers become an important part of the background and walls. If you incorporate too many flower beds to your open space, you greatly limit the area you have for other activities.

You can, however, grow a plethora of flowers in these border beds, giving you a wonderful flower garden, and still providing space for entertaining or activity. You can create a superior outdoor living room by following this method.

The amount of space you have to plant flowers is determined by the amount of space you have in your garden. The width will determine the sorts of flowers you can add.

Remember to think about the look of your border, and choose flowers accordingly. If you have a low border, like an edging, you may only want a single row of plants. Other places may need taller plants, and therefore you should choose a flower type that “fits” that area. You want to make sure the flowers will look good against their backdrop.

Classes of Flowers:
There are three basic classes of flowers that are best to use. These include annuals, which complete their life style in one year, and must be replaced each year. Perennials live from year to year as long as they are well cared for. Some perennials are actually biennials, renewing themselves from seeds. The third class is bulbs, which are spring flowers like tulips and narcissus.

Most perennials have bulbous roots, and these will live in one place. Bulbous root plants included lilies and Iris. Gladiolas and Dahlias do not have true bulbs.

For your outdoor room to get the best effect from your flowers, you will want to incorporate flowers from all three of these groups, then choosing just one.

To create a gorgeous springtime effect, choose a variety of bulbs and perennials. Space that is devoted for bulbs can also become a space for annuals, prolonging the blooms in that area, and allowing that flower bed to serve double duty with twice the flowers!

Annuals are an indispensible part of your outdoor room border. They are guaranteed to create a beautiful effect for the year they are sown. As long as you dead head the spent flowers, they will continue to bloom through the whole season. This is the secret to their charm!

Perennials are a great choice for an area where you want flowers to return year after year. They are dependable and will add a beautiful early spring touch. Be sure to plant annuals in the same areas, because perennials have a specific season, and if that is all planted in a border section, it could appear empty after they have bloomed.