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Flowers are a beautiful and delicate addition to your Japanese Garden. They feature beautiful color and fragrance, making them the perfect garden accessory. Make sure you understand your flowers well, so you can properly care for them. Some flowers a shy, some creep over the ground, and some love to be pampered and receive lots of attention. Keep an open mind, because often plants do not grow as expected, and may bend over instead of standing upright, for example. Plant your flowers with love and a sense of humor.

Plant Names

Often plants names can be intimidating with the long scientific words. Do not fear these name though, because they can actually beneficial to caring for your plant. Come up with a way to remember the names. You can identify a person in the military by their rank, surname, and number of the particular of the unit, plants work in much the same way. Plants are classified and sub classified. The names are in Latin, because it is common around the world. Flowers have specific names that are used all over the world, making them a universal language you will love exploring and learning!

Each botanical plant is a combination of at least two names, the generic and the specific. Generic names are common to the entire species and will be first. This would be compared to a family surname. The specific name of the plant is descriptive, and included characteristics of the growth, color and origin site. It will be fun getting to know the flowers you place in your miniature garden