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Goldfish Species
Most of the goldfish today descend from the common goldfish, the Carassius Auratus. Besides the Tropicals, the fancy breeds also come from the common goldfish.
A normal and healthy goldfish has a short and wide head, with a small mouth, bright eyes, and a long flat body, with arches in the belly and back. Normally the scales are very bright.

The common goldfish is a hardier breed than other goldfish; it is even able to survive out of water for several hours as long as it is kept moist. The common goldfish breeds very fast, and eats basically anything. The colors of the common goldfish can vary, thus were they get their names. Albinos are known as Pearls, yellow scaled fish are known as Canaries, and black scaled fish are Orioles. Besdies these breeds there are a few others descended from this fish.

This breed was developed in the late 1880’s, and features a more elongated body and larger fins than the normal goldfish. It is one of the fastest and most elegant fish. This fish, during its active season in the Spring, can even leap up and out of the water! You will want to make sure your aquarium has a lid for this reason, and you may want to cover your pond with a screen during this time!

Japanese Fantail
This fish is a stunning addition to any pool! It is a slow and graceful swimming fish. It can have a double tail and double anal fins, or one joined fin; either are just as beautiful!

Veil Tail
The Veil Tail is a version of the Fantail. This fish has a shorter body, but the fins and tail will drape the body in elegant folds as it swims. It takes two years for this fish to reach maturity, and it must be fed very carefully. If you overfeed this fish, the tail will keep growing and eventually break off.

This is a modified version of the Veil Tail. It features a single tail and fin over a double tail and fin. These fish are actually accidents from Veil Tails, but still super pretty. Their bodies are similar to the Veil Tail, but not as developed.

This fish is a newcomer in the fish world. It was introduced about 100 years ago by the Japanese.  This fish resembles the common goldfish in its size and shape. It can be found in colors from red, black, and blue, to yellow and brown, all on a pale lavender background.  On occasion, an entirely purple colored fish will happen. These are hardy fish, and will do great indoors or outdoors.