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A water feature is a pleasant and charming accent for any setting. Luckily these fountains come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, allowing there to be a fountain perfect for any setting and décor. A fountain has many healthy benefits when added to an environment making it a wise and beautiful choice.

There are small fountains that are especially designed for tabletop use. These fountains are often no larger than the basin of a bathroom sink. These fountains will recirculate the water and are self contained. They take up minimal space, and are perfect for a family room or even an office. They add a soothing touch, while adding moisture to an indoor environment. Be sure to protect the surface the fountain is placed on, just in case of splashing. You will also want to make sure to object you are placing the tabletop fountain on is sturdy as well. Although these fountains are typically not very heavy, a strong and sturdy base is needed so the table won’t break or lean causing the fountain to fall and break and send water everywhere. 

A floor fountain is another exciting water feature. These fountains are freestanding, and therefore create beautiful statement pieces for your room or setting. These fountains are much larger and heavier than a tabletop fountain. Be sure the floor is carefully protected in the place you choose to set the fountain. Remember the fountain will weigh a lot more when filled with water than is does when empty. 

A Wall Fountain is a great addition to a space that has little space. They are hung on the wall, adding a decorative artistic piece, as well as a soothing water element to your setting. However, wall fountains can involve more complex installation. The walls need to be strong enough to hold the fountain. Drywall is not to be used. Making sure the wall is strong enough to support the fountain is key, once this requirements is met, a wall fountain will add drama and serenity to your setting. Wall fountains come in both indoor and outdoor varieties depending on where you want to place them. Be sure to read the user’s manual to know if a fountain is specifically indoors, outdoors, or can be used for both. 

Garden fountains are exciting outdoor focal points! These fountains come in a variety of styles and themes. They can be modern in design, or very traditional and classical. Some feature large basins and multiple tiers, while others are smaller, more suitable for a patio setting. The key to a healthy fountain is making sure the fountain is not directly located under a tree, because the debris can harm the pump. Even if the fountain is not under a tree, the pump will need to be checked for debris periodically to keep it clean and running efficiently. An outdoor fountain may need a little excavation as well, depending on the topography of your setting. A fountain should be placed on level ground to ensure the fountain will work properly. 

No matter what fountain you choose to add to your setting, make sure you understand the maintenance needs, and that you are up for the challenge. Fountains often need little care besides keeping the pump clear and making sure the water level is correct. These different fountains all offer unique beauty and benefits in their own way. The key is to determine what type of fountain works for your setting and personal taste. From there just follow the installation instructions, add water, take care of it, and you will have a lasting water feature to enjoy!