Upkeep of a Garden, It's Important!

Maintaining a garden setting can be hard work. Plants need proper cultivation and manure; plants also need pruning, as well as being thinned out. Trees often need sheared as well, and lawns need to be mowed. The garden needs to be weeded as well, especially if there are any walks or paths. Keep building properly painted and touched up, and any fences should be kept well mended and standing.

There are many, many other things that need attention as well. By keeping up with the regular needs of your garden, it will keep the beautifulness of the composition, not marring the overall effect. General upkeep can often be overlooked for care of the plants and shrubs; this is a major fault for any garden setting. Take a public park for example, often the lawns and walks become littered with garbage or weeds, statuary is not regularly cleaned and becomes grimy. If these things are left unchecked it can actually cause the park to be less enjoyed by all who visit.

For a farm yard, there are often attempts made at ornamental gardening. For this to work out well it involves a clean setting. For example, putting away garden tools like rakes or wheel barrows. Also agricultural needs should hidden behind the main house, this included dog kennels, chicken coups,  and any other features of this type. Litter is bound to come accrue on a property, so it is always a good idea to keep on top of this. Litter can cause a lack of unity, variety, character, and propriety. This is a real concern, and should be cared for constantly.

For a city park it is important to consider the finish, and make sure it is complete, possibly even more important than the overall primary design. Maintenance is crucial for parks, and maintenance cost money.  The ordinary city spends about $500.00 an acre a year, and sometimes more. This gives us an idea of what cleanliness and organization mean to the average person in their own housekeeping. Consider landscape maintenance the same thing, it is really just good housekeeping, and this is basically exactly what “finish” is.

Even when the landscaper has taken every step possible to plan out a beautiful setting, he still cannot be completely in control. It is easy to control the planting, the plan, and the plants you place in the  garden, no one has control over the weather and the environmental conditions. Rain, dust storms, and the lack of light can affect the look of the garden setting. A dust storm can cause even the most perfect of roses look drab. These factors greatly change the appearance of your setting. These changes in climate and environment need to be considered when planning a garden setting.

Light and atmosphere are an important part of the overall picture. Early morning snow that falls just as the sun rises, creating a soft haze is a truly enchanting experience. It is amazing what the atmosphere mixed with light changes can do to your setting.

These are all aspects that the gardener should consider. These can influence or hurt the overall garden picture.