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Planters have many uses besides creating stunning floral arrangements. Container gardening is a popular hobby, but using containers for other purposes is something that is quickly becoming popular as well. Containers come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, allowing them to be useful for many different things. A typical use for pots is for indoor herb gardens. Marvelous herbs like mint, lavender, basil, and rosemary will create a feast for your senses, while helping to enhance your homemade feasts. These aromatic herbs will add natural scents to your environment, creating a pleasing space. 

Containers make a good idea for a waste paper can as well. These decorative features will add style and character to your setting, rather than just a boring plastic or metal can. Using a planter in this way can make something that is typically seen as ugly, or should be hidden, beautiful and charming. Lightweight square planters come in handy for storage as well. Place a few around your pool setting and fill them with towels, goggles, lotions, and other pool side needs. They create a decorative element to sit around your pool, keep the surrounding organized and tidy, and make it handy to grab whatever you may need at the time!

Planters are a great for outdoor entertaining. During the summer months parties and barbeques are typical events. Planters should be incorporated for more than just decorative flower arrangements.  Use decorative planters as drink holders, fill them with ice, and put in your favorite drinks for everyone to grab and enjoy!

Containers can be used indoors as table centerpieces, storage, or decorative features as well. Place fresh fruit into a wide shallow planter and set it in the middle of your dining table. This creates beautiful color and a fresh and festive focal point for your setting. Choose two matching smaller containers and place them in your bathroom. Put decorative soaps into one and hand towels in the other, this will create welcoming touch for any guests who may visit. A tall and wide planter, set in a corner, left undecorated with flowers or foliage, creates a strong focal point. This type of planter also makes a great container for holding your umbrellas or canes, perfect for placement right at a door entrance. A set of these planters, flanking your entrance way, creates a welcoming greeting into your home. If your home has an expansive foyer, this same principle would look perfect here as well.  
A collection of different sized small planters is great for kitchen storage. They can hold spice packets or mixes. They make great utensil holders, creating bold and decorative accents. Use them for outdoor entertaining, placing your plastic ware, napkins, and condiments in several and placing them on the buffet booth for easy access. Containers are also great for an office setting. They create distinctive pencil and pen holders, or a place to store office clips or paper clips. Match the color of the pot to the room décor, and it will add a unique but classical accent for the setting. 

Planting in garden containers adds beauty to any setting, but using these same planters for other ideas makes them even more useful! This article has a just a few ideas of the different uses for container gardens; there are many more ideas to come up with! Enjoy creating your own uses for planters, making them even more valuable