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Materials Needed: Sixteen Pound Paper Bags

Each contestant should be blindfolded by having the paper bag placed over their heads. Each contestant will then be turned around three times rapidly, being turned in the correct direction with the last turn. They are next instructed to crawl in the “crab” position as described earlier for the Crab Race. The contestants will likely be disoriented and therefore go in many different directions. The distance should be no less than 50 feet. 

Mule Ride: This is a two player team race. One will be the mule and one will be the rider. Each mule will carry the rider, via piggyback, to the finish line sixty feet away. The rider then becomes the mule, and carries the other player back to the starting line. The first team back is the winner. 

Sore Toe: The idea of this game is that when you have a sore toe you won’t walk or run on it. In this game contestants will not run in this game, but they will hold one foot up with their hands and hop to the finish line forty feet away. The sore foot should be held across the good leg above the knee. 

Tag Race:
This is a two person team event. It will have an anchor and a lead. The start and finish line should be about 40 to 50 feet apart. The Lead boys will race to the finish line tag it, then run back to the anchor boys, tag them, and the anchors will run the same course, and whichever team finishes first will be the winner.