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You may have had that beautiful blue ceramic garden planter for years, and the dog knocked it over, resulting in many pieces of a once gorgeous piece of pottery.  Don’t throw it away quite yet, we have some wonderful ideas for reusing your broken pottery!

The first thing you should consider when dealing with a broken ceramic piece is the pieces may be very sharp, use great caution when considering an alternate use for these pieces.  Wear heavy weight gloves when dealing with the pieces and make sure no animals or children are around.  After picking up the large pieces, make sure to sweep the area very well as barefoot children can easily pick up the piece in their feet.

Broken pieces of pottery can be one of the best things that come you way, while it might seem like your garden is ruined by that missing piece, repurposing these pieces is very easy.  If you have purchased other ceramic or concrete containers, broken pieces of pottery make an excellent choice for placement in your new containers before they are planted.  By placing the pieces in the bottom of the planter, before soil, you will have an excellent free way of creating drainage in your planters.  If you already have your planters filled with small stones for drainage, then you will want to consider some of our other creative ideas.

Using broken pieces of glazed pottery to accent a garden can turn into a beautiful piece of art work.  In your garden, where there are empty spaces, use the broken pottery to create a defining line between the edge of garden beds.  Make sure to push the pottery into the garden so they will not loosening during rain storms.  You can also use the pottery to create a beautiful picture in the garden.  Use red pieces to great a heart in the garden, plant a flower in the middle of the outlined heart, or create you child’s favorite animal in the garden bed by using the pieces to outline a dog, cat, or other animal. You can also use stencils to help you create the outline. 

Creating a garden bed of broken pottery is also an open, many people will use various colors of broken ceramic pottery to create a glittering effect when the sun shines down.   You can then continue to use your cast stone fountains and pots to decorate the area, while using the pottery as a simple accent piece.  Cast stone pottery can also be reused in garden furniture.  If you have an empty tabletop fountain, using flat pieces of broken pottery, you can create a mold where you place the broken pieces into the table.  This will create a mosaic of color that you can enjoy day after day while enjoying your morning coffee.

Even if you don’t have your own broken ceramic pottery, you can visit your local garden center to see if they have broken pots that they have decided to discard or recycle.  They should be more than happy to let you take them off of their hands, rather than having to recycle them.  Be prepared to sign a waiver that releases the nursery from any liability if you are injured during use and transportation.