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Owning or purchasing a home with multiple patios can be quite overwhelming. When we purchased our home, it came with two patios, an upper and lower level which were both at ground level.The slight slip from the upper patio to the lower patio had steps connecting then, but the slope itself was completely bare.After talking to the previous owner, we learned that a cactus garden had been maintained during the summer season.With the soil being primarily red clay and dry, it did not appeal to the gardener in me.

When moving, you may bring garden accents you had from your previous home. These garden accents may already fit into your new decor, or they may not, so you may have to do some additional moving around and changing of the landscape to make your favorite garden piece fit. For me, this piece was a flower shaped birdbath. I placed it in the barren space, but it looked very bare. With winter fast approaching, we stored the bird bath in our shed and decided to construct a pond in spring to enhance the space and make it a bit larger.

With winter past us, we began our new landscape project in match. After exacting the hill with shovels and hoes and adding some stones we picked up from a farmers field, we were overwhelmed with the mess we had created. After a great deal of a work and a very weekends, our pond was flowing, but all we had was rocks, dirt, sand a mulch. We decided to place flowers and shrubs around the pond to make it visually appealing. After purchasing some koi fish to place in the pond and spending a few weeks enjoying the pond from our patio, we realized we were on to something.Koi fish are often a representation of the Asian culture.

Going with our Asian theme in mind, we visited our local nursery and found some lilies and other flowers that would complement the pond. We also found some larger and smaller pagodas that could easily be placed near the pond. Adding some additional red stones and a few Buddha statues gave us just the look we were going for. After spending a few weeks enjoy our new Asian garden theme, we realized we were tracking dirt and red rocks into our home. We did not want to take up our fresh new landscape, so we decided that placing some stepping stones to pave the way into the house would be the perfect remedy. We purchased lily shaped stepping stones that led the way right into our sliding glass door. With some small frog statues guiding the way and some solar lights, we completed the perfect connection between both patios.

Our patios are great for entertaining, for either a large family gathering or an evening with just a few friends over. The garden statues added just the right touch we needed to give continuity to both patios. On a nice evening, we enjoy sitting out overlooking our backyard and listening to the sound of the water from the pond, takes all the days stress away.