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Try purchasing little statuettes for your garden if you are not good at sculpting and molding. You can paint the model to make it appear like stone, marble or lead, depending on the look you are going for. Use these statues as focal points near pools or ponds or in small niches.

You can also incorporate sundials and birdbaths constructed to appear as stonework. Use wire to make stands or brackets appear as wrought iron. Make sure to make your design realistic by placing a sundial in a sunny place. Decorative vases or urn can also be incorporated, but call for a more careful arrangement. Try using them on a balustrade to hold a small tree or plant. Vases can be purchased or can be made with modeling paste to get the proper shape and size.

Adding ethnic furniture will add elegance to your setting, but selecting it is not an easy job. A general rule is to incorporate a white painted seat or a stone bench work well for formal settings.

Implement additions to your garden judiciously. A Greek temple would be nice for a formal setting. Create a dome on pillars that stands on circular foundation. Add a fountain or arbor to a less formal garden setting to enhance the look. You may want to consider creating a castle ruins by stacking stones against a wall. The addition of these features will add character to your garden, but be sure not to add too many. Only use these features to enhance your setting, not to just place them. Create different shapes and heights when adding theses features. Many can be molded from modeling paste and then use a sharp knife or file to carve out the details, and then can be painted bright colors.