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The wonderful thing about the imagination is it never stops. However if the world of fountains, this often means fountains will be drawn out and sketched, but never come to fruition. Yet, when these sketches are found they can create ideas for future generations. Designers need to overcome a lot of obstacles before a fountain can be created. Questions like how will a fountain fit into a setting or how the structure will interact with the water are issues needing addressed. The artist wants the fountain to reach it symbolic form, but will that allow it to work and function properly?  Often the creativity is the downfall, and makes the fountain hard to actually create.

Past fountain creators have relied on the use of drawings to plan out the look and design of a fountain. These drawing are ornate and confusing oftentimes, more modern fountain designers have tried to update the past design styles to create simplified and more modest drawings.  Contemporary artists are not only creating the fountain look, but also sketching how the water will work with the fountain and the hydraulics, this has become a very helpful practice in turning the sketched into an actually fountain!

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