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Planting Something Other Than Shrubs:
You can add walls of green with the use of plants other then shrubs. Evergreen and trees can make wonderful border plants, and add variety to your garden walls, just as perennials add color to the front of your shrubs.

There are two general classes of Evergreens, the cone bearers and the broadleaved. Sometimes the broadleaved evergreens, like Rhododendron, Azalea, Nandina to name a few, win out over the cone bearers like Pine, Hemlock, and Juniper. The same rules for choosing shrubs will apply to choosing these plants as well.

Many of the coniferous Evergreens can play a useful role anywhere in the United States. They feature a rich foliage, luscious fragrance, and stunning color, and feature a variety of forms and habits. The use of evergreens as walls creates a most desirable feature for an outdoor living room. Be careful that you do not live near a large industrial center, as evergreens will not thrive where there is smoke.

Evergreens are also a great choice if your goal is to hide an unsightly view, as there foliage remains all year long. They make a great backdrop of flowers or garden ornaments like birdbaths or fountains as well. These trees are a wonderful way to create an intimate and private outdoor living room for you to enjoy year round!

Walls of greenery are sure to be best if a mixture of evergreens is used, and there are many varieties that suited for natural or formal settings!