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Other Scavengers
There are a variety of other species you can use to help keep your pool or aquarium clean.

Freshwater Mussel: Placing a few mussels in your tank for every 10 gallons of water will make a huge difference. Mussels extract the algae and other matter from the water. They are not as useful in outdoor settings, because they die easily, decomposing in your pool. They are inexpensive, and can even be dug in some areas.

Frogs: Frogs can be a fascinating addition to your pound, with their lovely sounds. Sometimes they are seen as a danger to the fish though, because frogs can eat a fish that is bigger then they are, especially if it is a slow moving fancy breed. Frogs do little in the way of scavenging, even though they are sold for this.

Salamander: This animal is described as a scavenger, even though it is not. They live on insects. There quick movements will bring character to your pond, and since they will not harm your fish, the add a pleasing aesthetic touch.

Weatherfish: Weatherfish are a great alternative to snails. These fish are scavengers who bury into the bottom of the aquarium. This is also useful because it stops the sand from becoming too compacted. You will want to get these fish at 3-4 inches, as these will roll the water less. These are fine for outdoor ponds as well, although they will not be seen as they stay at the bottom.