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Selling your home can be one of the most difficult tasks.  You will spend a great deal of time inside making sure the house is clean and updated to fit any potential buyer’s needs.  The one place you may fall short is outside.  Potential homeowners want an area where they can entertain and enjoy their outdoor space.  We have a few ideas for just about any landscape that can help wow.

Using what you already have outside may be a potential option.  If you already have a seating area and a few planters, then you are already on your way.  If you don’t, you should purchase some inviting patio furniture, or a couple of neutral cast stone benches.  These are items you can bring with you when you move to a new home, or can be left as an added benefit to the new home owners.  When you are looking at your outdoor area, you want to separate the outdoors into two areas.  An area where a table and seats can be placed that is near the outdoor cooking area.  This will allow the potential buyers to envision themselves entertaining and enjoying the sounds of crickets on a warm summers’ night.

The next area you want to make sure you have spent a bit of time on is the garden area.  While your new homeowners may not have a green thumb, you want it to look like you do.  If it is too late to plant seeds to grow flowers naturally, then you will want to visit your local garden center to find some colorful flowers.  Choose flowers that will complement the color of your patio furniture as well as the outside of your home.  Next, add a fountain that can be easily maintained.  When your garden is visited by new buyers, make sure to have the water feature running as they will be delighted to see the outdoor fountain and can imagine themselves sitting on the patio listening to the fountain splash.

Just adding a fountain isn’t enough, you will want to make sure that you have complimenting planters strategically placed around the patio area and the fountain.  Adding planters to each side of a square fountain will draw attention to the fountain, and stray buyers away from unsightly views in the landscape, such as the backyard of the next door neighbors. Using adding a birdbath in another corner, among green plants will also give definition to the edge of the property and homeowners will enjoy the sight.

For a backyard that is too small to add each of these areas, simply adding a wall waterfall fountain or a wall fountain may be enough.  They won’t be turned off by the small space, but will realize that they can still enjoy the outdoor area.  This will also distract the potential buyers from their initial reaction that the backyard may be a little too small for them.  A low lying waterfall in the corner of  a yard will give animal lovers the thought that there cats and dogs may enjoy the splashing water, even if there isn’t a great deal for them to run around.

Spending a bit of time on your backyard when you are selling your home can be the defining decision for those that take a look.  Ask your relator for feedback, you may find all that needs to be done is a bit of repositioning of your garden accents.