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Touring the famous fountains of Portland is not a daunting task, and can be quite enjoyable. The fountains are easy to find and can create an exciting adventure!

Portland is known for having the most fountains located in one city. Portland is also surrounded by rivers and water activities so there is a lot to do and see. There are 17 fountains decorative fountains that are well maintained and regulated.   There are also over 120 public drinking fountains located throughout the city as well. These fountains were donated through gifts and donations through private citizens, as well as designs for local and international fountain competitions.

The Water Bureau:
By contacting the Portland Water Bureau you can have a free copy of the “Downtown Fountain Tour Walking Map”. This will be mailed to you and includes a full sized map. You can also print a downloadable PDF file from your computer right at home.

It is important to note that most of the fountains only run from spring through fall, usually from 6:30am to 8:00pm. The public drinking fountains are also on timers.

Do not drink the water from the fountains unless it specifically says its drinkable. Most of the fountains are for decoration and admiration, and not for drinking. The water is chlorinated and reclycled through the fountain, so it is not safe to drink. You need designated fountains for pets as well.

Things to Bring:
Visiting the fountains really does not require bringing anything extra as they are enjoyable all on their own. However, consider these items, as they may be useful.

  • A camera or a sketchbook will come in handy. These fountains are beautiful and by taking a picture or making a drawing, you can share their beauty with others.
  • Some fountains allow for wading or splashing in the water. Bring a bathing suit or appropriate clothing so you can enjoy the water.
  • Do Not Throw Coins in the Fountains! Consider donating those coins to a charity or some other good cause. It is never a good idea to throw coins into a fountain.

Many of the public water fountains are easy to find, and they can be accessed via public transportation. You can use the TriMet bus and Max light-rail networks. You can also use Portland’s Streetcar’s main routes which are a short distance from several of the fountains. Another collection can be found to the areas west of Burnside and TriMet Route 20.

Fountain Treasures:
This article covers the highlights of the fountains located in Portland. These features offer a delightful opportunity for residents and visitors alike. Use these topics as a place to being your tour of the famous Portland Fountains!