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A wall fountain may seem like a difficult task to undertake. The process will be more difficult than simply hanging a picture onto the wall, but it not as hard as it may seem. It is a good idea to have an extra hand, as this project is typically a two person job; at least it will go much smoother with an extra set of hands. 

When installing a fountain, it is best to install a GFI electric outlet in the wall where the fountain will be installed. It is best for the outlet to be located right behind the fountain center. If the fountain is a double or triple panel, make sure the outlet is behind the panel furthest to the left. If you install an outlet just for the purpose of the fountain, you should also install a separate wall switch to turn the fountain on and off with. This can be a very difficult task to undertake, and for this purpose, it may be best to consider having an electrician install the outlets. This will ensure the job is done correctly, and it will keep the area neat and tidy. Electrical work can be expensive, so if you cannot afford to have an outlet specifically installed for the fountain, it is okay to use an outlet towards the bottom of the wall. The cord can easily be disguised by using tall plants to cover it up. This will not appear as clutter either, as water and plants naturally look great together. 

Wall fountains can be placed on any type of wall, from cinder to metal to dry wall. Heavy fountains may need to be installed using extra studs, and are best placed on stronger walls, to avoid them collapsing and flooding your space. Fountains should not be hung using only plaster or sheet rock.  Large fountains will typically require assembly, but this is not too complicated. A lot of wall fountains will come pre-assembled. Then all that will need done is to nail the brackets up evenly. The tools that are needed to hang a wall fountain include a Phillips standard screwdriver, a hammer, masking tape, a cordless drill, a pencil, a level, and a stud finder. These tools will allow you to hang your fountain correctly, so it runs efficiently and effectively. 

Installing a wall fountain to any room in your house will add a visually striking and appealing feature. They offer a soothing sound to add tranquility to your setting. The wall that is chosen should be large enough to offer enough space for your fountain to make a statement. The wall fountain should not be obtrusive to your setting, but it should be accessible and viewable. It is important to be able to watch over your fountain, making sure it is clean and the water level is proper. Make sure it is high enough that it cannot be disturbed by pets or children. 

When you install the fountain, besides these important tips, you should also follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Each fountain is different so there are different assembly instructions as well as care instructions. It is always a good idea to learn and understand how your fountain works, so you can preserve the longevity of the fountain, and keeping it an appealing and artistic feature for your home.