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You can include water into your garden in many ways:

  • Dish Gardens
  • Pools
  • Fountains
  • Cascades and Waterfalls
  • Aquaria
  • Bog Gardens
  • Water Gardens

Adding water features to your setting can create an enchanting and tranquil touch, and a beautiful touch to a Japanese Garden. Gardeners understand and take advantage of the wonderful effect water has in beautifying. Gardeners of mini-garden may create mini-fountains, small water pools or even waterfalls in their gardens. The creation depends on the abilities of the creator. You ability to understand mechanics, aoristic flair, and aesthetics all play an important role in how your water feature will turn out. 

Dish Gardens
A dish garden gives the illusion of a distant body of water, like a river or waterfall, with actually using water. Experts rely on silver and deep tones of sand, which add effect to the different degrees of light of actual landscapes. They use silver sand to represent a beach, and place pebbles to represent the water’s edge, then use cellophane or mica as the water. You may consider roughing up the “water” or adding paint for varnish. 

Water Pools
To create a water pool you can add that in during construction or use a prefabricated pool and build the garden around it. The pool should be 1-2 inches deep in either case. If you intend to grow water plants, make sure the pool is able to hold 4 inches of water. You could add deeper pain colors to create the illusion of depth. The idea pool should be made from cement or a waterproof modeling material. The thickness of your pool should be at least one quarter of an inch. Make sure the edges are pushed down by cementing edge stones at irregular intervals.