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The idea of creating a garden pond can often be a bit overwhelming. The end result will give you a wonderful hobby, as well as increase the value of your home.  The creation of a garden pond takes a lot of materials and a lot of effort. Once the pond has been installed, you will also need to determine what types of plant of fish life you want to add to your pond.

Pond Kits are a great way to start your garden pond. This is a wonderful do it yourself project, that will create a beautiful focal point for your setting. Make sure the kit you buy comes with EVERYTHING you need to complete the project, besides the fish and plants. It should include the underlayment, line, skimmer, pump, a water feature, filter, all necessary plumbing and piping, the foam and glue to seal, as well as the dried good bacteria. The good pump kit may also include lighting features.

 Once you have a kit, the biggest part is digging and shaping your pond.  Make sure you check the kit you bought for the size of the fountain; you should be able to create any shape you wish since the liner is made of EPDM, a plastic polymer that is very flexible.

After you have you pond set up, you will need to create an edging to cover up the lining of the pond, and create a beautiful exterior for the pond. You may want to consider smooth limestone bedrocks, these create a soothing and graceful touch for your setting.

After your fountain has been filled, you should wait for a few weeks before adding aquatic or plant life to the pond to allow it to dechlorinate and dechloriminate. These chemicals can be harmful and deadly to aquatic life. After you have done this, add you fish and plants, and enjoy the wonderful hobby of water gardening!

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