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Tweet fountains are fountains that will combine not only a water feature, but they also feature birds. These twittering fountains are the perfect combination of adding outdoor elements to a soothing, serene fountain. Birds are one of our favorite animals to observe out in the wild and our garden is our absolute favoite place.

Adding a fountain that is a bit shallow will actually help bring fountains out to your garden. Similar to a bird bath, tweet fountains are bird bath style fountains that often feature calm flows of water. Water will often bubble out of the center of a Tweet fountain, just enough that a bird can stop by the edge to grab a drink or a quick bath. These water features are often favorites among beautiful flowers and plants as birds love to be given a safe place to hide when they are looking for food and water.

Make sure to clean out your tweet fountains quite frequently as birds can get sick and pumps will get clogged if they are not maintained.