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Questions Answered About Lilies:
Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions regarding  the size, type, and most prolific lilies.

For lilies that will have early blooms in the season consider the Nymphaea Gladstoniana, W. B. Shaw, N. Marliacea chromatella, James Brydon, N. somptuosa, N. colossea, Comanche, and N. gloriosa. These flowers will give you the earliest bloom.

The largest of the Hardies species would include Nymphaea Gladstoniana, Escarboucle, William Doogue, N. Andre-ana, Mme. Julien Chifflot and Sunrise. For the day blooming Tropicals you should consider Aviator Pring, Peach Blow, Pink Platter, Shell Pink, Talisman and Wild Rose. Finally, for night blooming tropicals consider James Gurney and B. C. Berry varieties.

Prolific and Fragrant:
The two most prolific Hardies include the W.B. Shaw and James Brydon. Two of the most prolific day blooming Tropicals include the N. flavovirens and Director Moore. The Night Blooming Tropical’s includes the N. dentata magnifica and N.Omaran.
The day blooming varieties are fragrant, but the best would be the Hardies varieties of James, Helen Fowler and Rose Arey blossoms.

Double Blossoms:
There are a few varities of double blossoming water lilies, like the Nymphaea tuberosa Richardsonii, James Brydon and Gloire de Temple sur Lot, all Hardies. The N. capensis zanzibariensi  is a tropical day bloomer, and the Sturtevant and Missouri are tropical night bloomers.

Shallow and Deep Water Pools:
Tropicals, of all varieties, will do well in shallow pools or tubs. For the Hardies, you should consider N. odorata minor, N. tetragona and Jo Anne Pring.
Deeper ponds are better for Hardies such as Nymphaea alba candidissima, N. odorata gigantea, N. tuberosa and N. Marliacea albida, rosea and carnea.

Six, Dozen, and Eighteen for Beginners:
The most common question asked is which lilies are best to begin a new water lily pond? For a failry small pool, the top six include Nymphaea Marliacea albida, rosea, and chromatella; N. Robinsoniana, Attraction and Mrs. C.W. Thomas.

We discuss Hardies here, because most people choose to start out with perennials, and move to Tropicals at a later time. For a slightly large pond, it may be best to add these six lilies to the above six: Nymphaea alba candidissima, N. tuberosa Richardsonii, W. B. Shaw, N. Gladstoniana, William Falconer and Mrs. Richmond.

For the Largest water pools, you can add an additional six lilies, to give your pool a total of eighteen beautiful lilies. Incorporate Nymphaea lucida, N. odorata rosea, Dawn, N. fulva, William Doogue and Rose Arey as well.