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Hammock Sock Blue


Ships Via: UPS/Fedex
Availability: Available for Ordering. Please allow 2 to 3 days from Order Date for Shipment

The Hammock Sock from Amazonas allows you to leave your hammock set up while protecting it from the elements like rain, pollen, birds or prolonged exposure to sunlight. Simply run one end of the hammock through the Hammock Sock before hanging and it's ready to slide over the hammock to completely enclose it. When you’re ready to lie in your hammock, there’s no need to remove the sock — simply slide it up on one end and enjoy!

  • Measures: 9" L x 9" W x 189" H
  • Weight: 7 oz.
  • Usable length: 15 ft.
  • Coated nylon with a closure at each end
  • Grommeted drain hole at its lowest point
  • Ships via FedEx
  • Normally ships within 1-2 business days

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