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Moonlight Tabletop Fountain


Brand: Bluworld
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Beautiful with the room lights on or off, the Moonlight Tabletop Fountain bubbles water from its center, down over glass rocks, two scalloped edge glass tiers, and into the deep copper colored basin below. LED lighting illuminates the waters decent, creating a wonderfully relaxing mixture of water and light. In a dark room, the Moonlight Tabletop Fountain casts mesmerizing shadows which mimic moonlight dancing on water.

  • Dimensions:15" round x 6.5" tall
  • Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Includes: submersible pump, adjustable flow valve, glass rocks, LED lighting, and on/off in-line rocker switch
  • Thick, scalloped edge glass tiers
  • One gallon capacity
  • Indoor use

Soothe your stress away with the Moonlight Tabletop Fountain!

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