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Smooth Bronze Mirror Weathered Wall Fountain With Ancient Stone Frame


Brand: Bluworld
Ships Via: UPS/FedEx
Availability: In Stock

With great Grecian inspiration, the Smooth Bronze Mirror Weathered Wall Fountain is a beautiful choice for any indoor space. Hanging upon your office or home wall, the Smooth Bronze Mirror Weathered Wall Fountain will create a soothing sound as water dances along the smooth bronze glass into the basin below. The antiqued frame of the Smooth Bronze Mirror Weathered Wall Fountainmakes this fountain look ancient and classic. This fountain can also be used outdoors.

  • Requires no plumbing; water re-circulates within the fountain.
  • Water flow is adjustable.
  • Fountain Specs: This fountain is 45 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 7 inches front to back. It weighs approximately 46 pounds.
  • Includes specific use and care instructions.
  • Plugs into any standard 3-prong household electrical outlet.
  • Whisper-quiet, Italian-made fountain pump included.
  • This classically styled water feature incorporates an underwater light that will illuminate the surrounding area with a watery cadence.
  • Framework is constructed of a lightweight fiberglass composite that easily attaches to the wall with a simple metal bracket (included).
  • This fountain normally ships within 7-10 days of order date via UPS
  • Fountain comes preassembled for easy and quick installation.
  • This fountain does not need to be brought in during winter, but should be emptied in freezing temperatures.


Order the Smooth Bronze Mirror Weathered Wall Fountain with Ancient Stone Frame today, and you'll soon be enjoying the benefits of your own high-quality water feature.

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