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Tumble Bird Home Plum


Ships Via: UPS/Fedex
Availability: Out of Stock. Discontinued.

Featuring an anti-predation design, the Tumble Bird Home from Byer of Maine is Perfect for small cavity nesters! It offers a one-of-a-kind design that displays the mastery of the artists who hand craft each individual piece.

  • Measures: 6" L x 6" W x 6" H
    • Entrance Hole: 1 ?"
  • Weight: 20 oz.
  • Handcrafted from Mango trees and kiln-dried
  • High-quality polyurethane multi-coat finish to ensure longevity of the wood
  • Pre-drilled drainage hole
  • Removable hatch for cleaning
  • Hardware included
  • Ships via FedEx
  • Normally ships within 1-2 business days

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