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The therapeutic value of water features or gardens is immeasurable.  The soothing and calming sounds of water in motion can create a relaxing element to your home or garden after a long and hectic day. Whether you are seeking a water feature or would like to create a water garden,  the soothing effect on your life will be very beneficial.

Difference in Water Gardens and Water Features
The main difference in a water garden and a water feature is the size. A water feature, typically a fountain, stands alone and is often portable. They circulate water through them in a self contained area.  A water garden often incorporates water features into its design.

Water features are a great addition for consumers who have limited time available. They are often easy to assemble and run, are easy to clean and change the water. The benefits of a water feature are numerous. They make a wonderful focal point, while the constant circulation of water keeps mosquito larvae away, while inviting birds to visit your landscape. This easy project allows you to simply sit back and relax!

Water Gardens require more effort and constant maintenance; however the result is a beautiful and tranquil setting.  These use thousands of gallons of water, often held in place by a basin. These gardens include water based plants, both submersible and floating. Fish can also be incorporated into a water garden, creating a wonderful ecosystem in your own yard.

Water gardens are a great choice for avid gardening lovers, as they immerse the gardener in plant life and care. It is a beautiful experiment that takes the gardener on a wonderful journey of planting, fertilizing, and monitoring the water levels and chemistry. This is an enjoyable hobby for any gardening lover!

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