Sabine Tall Planter - Riviera Blue - S/1

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Planter Height:
Extra Large (over 24 in.)
Planter Diameter:
Large (16 in. - 24 in.)
Planter Type:
Garden Planters
Glazed Terra Cotta

Product Overview

 Product Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 16"L x 16"W x 47.75"H
  • Weight: 112lbs
  • Inside Top Measurement: 13.5"L x13.5"W
  • Inside Bottom Measurement: 10.5"L x 10.5"W
  • Inside Height: 46"
  • Base: 10.5"L x10.5"W
  • Color: Riviera Blue

Product Features:

  • Available in your choice of finish
  • Hand crafted
  • Finishes are hand applied by skilled artisans.
  • Manufactured from high density cast stone
  • One drainage hole, off set, approximately 1"
  • one drainage hole, centered, approximately 3/4"

Product Care:

In the winter, if a planter is to remain planted, they should be raised up off the ground making sure not to block the drainage hole. This allows the planter to drain and will prevent the planter from freezing to the ground. If the planter is not to be planted, it should be brought inside to a garage or shed. If this is not possible, follow the steps above, but turn the planter upside down to prevent it from filling with snow and ice. It should then be covered or wrapped with burlap or any absorbent material (old blanket/towel) and then wrapped with dark plastic to prevent it from accumulating moisture.

Why Choose Campania's Terra Cotta?

Terra cotta and earthenware are always slightly porous. Although this allows plant roots to breathe, it also constitutes a risk in winter. When the temperature drops below freezing, any water present in the pot walls will freeze and expand. This will cause the pot wall to spall and can ultimately destroy the pot. Whether this actually happens or not, depends upon the quantity of water that can be absorbed by the fired clay. This, in turn, depends upon the quality of the clay and the way it has been processed.

The hand-made containers, like those offered by Campania, absorb far less water because the clay is processed differently. They are frost-resistant if handled correctly. However, because any water held in a pot from rain or melting snow will freeze and expand, any pot made of a non-elastic material is at risk if left outside unprotected in winter. Accordingly, while the high firing temperature and quality of Campania's glazed and terra cotta containers results in a durable and frost-resistant product, we still recommend that they be stored in a frost-free covered area in winter. If left outside in the elements, water may accumulate in the container and freeze, causing the planter to crack and break. +eft outside, water may accumulate in the container and freeze, causing the planter to crack and break.


WARNING: California Residents - Prop 65




(No reviews yet) Write a Review