How Can I Attract Colorful Birds to My Garden?

Apr 19th 2022

How Can I Attract Colorful Birds to My Garden?

Many people want to know how to attract colorful birds to their garden, and everyone’s reasons are a little bit different. Colorful birds aren’t only a lovely sign of springtime; they also benefit your garden by eating bugs that nibble on your flowers and other newly sprouted plants. Still, other people enjoy helping their native wildlife flourish.

We help customers with everything from container gardening with planters, dealing with algae in garden fountains, and beyond. Whatever the reason you want to know how to attract colorful birds to your backyard or garden, chances are we know a few things about the topic. Keep reading to learn about how you can make new fluttering friends this spring!

Backyard Buffet

Much like hungry teenagers emerging from their rooms around dinnertime, colorful birds (and all birds, for that matter) are more likely to come by if you provide food. Try placing a bird feeder near your home or placing the following on your patio table:

  • Sunflower seeds (beloved by many different species of bird)
  • Shelled nuts such as peanuts and walnuts
  • Thistle seed (due to the small size of this seed, you may need a specialized feeder)
  • Suet cakes
  • Dried fruit, such as craisins, raisins, apricots
  • Fresh fruit, such as bananas, oranges, pears, and apples

You can also grow food for your backyard brood, including:

  • Shrubs and bushes that grow berries
  • Honeysuckle, milkweed, daisies, and zinnias
  • Fruit trees
  • Coniferous trees

Satisfying Sips

Birds don’t just need something to eat; they need a drink too. You can also attract colorful birds to your garden by providing a birdbath. However, a birdbath isn’t a set-and-forget solution. In order to actually ensure birds are coming to visit, you’ll need to change the water often as well as keep it from freezing in the winter. This can be accomplished with a small solar-powered heater sold for this purpose or another similar heating alternative.

Another great option for water is a garden fountain. Moving water will help reduce the possibility of attracting other unwanted guests, such as mosquitoes during the summer months. Plus, birds love to frolic in fountains.

Shelter and Sanctuary

All the food and water in the world won’t do the colorful birds in your yard any good if they don’t feel safe from larger birds, local cats, and other threatening predators. They will also want shelter from driving winds, cold rain, snow, and more, so providing somewhere warm and dry for them to take shelter or even hatch their eggs can be a great way to ensure your backyard becomes a bird sanctuary!

Try these bird shelter options:

  • Birdhouses
  • Strategically placed bushes or shrubs
  • Hedges
  • Brush piles

Make the Most Out of Your Garden

If you’re ready to start seeing more colorful birds in your yard, or you’re just looking for more flair to add to your garden, look no further than Garden Fountains & Outdoor Decor! Browse our garden decorations to find something you’re sure to love.