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The Capoltine Archives holds the wage registers, and according to these records, work on the new water conduits was increased in 1594, under the great architect della Porta. This architect of water fountains was of great importance during the end of the 16th century. The remains of the inscription on the fountain , refer to a restoration that was rather drastic, but kept with the same basic shape of the fountain. It states, "Lastly, under the auspices of Clemente Vili [1592-1605], Card. Pietro Aldobrandini restored the water to the fountain recently lost in the Tiber floods. In 1604 the Rome City Authorities restored this fountain which, no matter how many times it tried the generosity of princes, was itself tried just as many times by the adverse weather".

The second plaque deserves special attention, reading "Following the misery of a continued drought – due to the blockage of the conduits carrying the Aqua Felice caused by the collapse of the Ponte Gregoriano – and the laying of flintstones in the square, Alexander VII [1655-67] restored this fountain with 36 ounces of Aqua Paola for public use and dignity in 1659, the fourth year of his pontificate".

What makes this important was that the work was recorded on the fountain. This work that is being referred to was perhaps the greatest of all the renovations, because they were done by Bernini. His first requirement was procuring an abundance of water. So in 1658 a pipe was laid from the mouth of the Aqua Paola bringing 36 ounces of water flow to the Piazza Santa Maria in Travestare. The fountain that stood in the square opposite the church was demolished at this time, and rebuilt in the center of the square.

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