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The beautiful and elaborate public fountains of Rome were rich in detail and and set among stunning foliage and blooming flowers. Elaborate fountains featured details like the iconic triton, or beautiful nymphs, or a favored god or goddess draped in flowing robes, where water spilled and danced over the figures into the basins below. Simple fountains featured a single basin where water noiselessly glides over the sides.

Architectural writers have attempted to classify these fountains into particular categories, but the many features and designs have prevented them from doing so.  While one can place themselves in front of a fountain and just hear the mules and horses as they drink from the cool water that is flowing around them, or the chit chat of woman that surround the fountains the fountains of Rome are too diverse and many different features are viewed as a variety of creators took part in the collection. No one single classification can be made for these fountains due to this.

From The Fountain of the Tortosis with delicate design of children, to turtles and porpoises, which is one of the most enjoyed fountains of Rome, one cannot be surprised that Raphael is celebrated for their wonderful design. We should also note that much of the work done in Rome was actually by Giacomo della Porta, who was an architect. Some of his work includes the Fountain of the Ocean in the Boboli Gardens.

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