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Kansas City is known for its wide array of fountains. It has become unstated rule that a water feature should accompany any major construction project. This rule applies to the private projects as well as well as public! The Crown Center Square Fountain is an example of a privately owned fountain.

The Hallmark Card Company, with headquarters located in Kansas City, developed the Crown Center. The area surrounding these headquarters was an unattractive area of empty lots and closed businesses. The Hall Family, the founders of the company, created the idea of renovating the area. The Crown Center plan was created in 1967. This long term plan incorporated the development of hotels, office, retail, residential, and entertainment areas. Construction began in 1968, and included the square area which would become the home of the Crown Center Square Fountain.

The Crown Center Square fountain opened in 1972, and was a unique fountain in comparison of other Kansas City Fountains. There is no visual plumbing, but 49 jets that shoot water 25 feet into the air. This fountain includes lighting shining through the water, creating a stunning effect. The fountain sits in a space of about 2,000 square feet over the cobblestone portion of the square.

This fountain is one of the only fountains in Kansas City where it is encouraged to play in the water. This fountain is a cool and delightful treat on those hot summer days for old and young alike!

In 2006, a large renovation project began for the square, as well as the fountain. Many changes were made to the fountain. New hydraulic devices were added to the fountain that created a “dancing” water effect. There were twice as many jets incorporated, and the sprays could now be choreographed to music from a sound system they installed in the square as well.

The newly renovated fountain was opened on November 24th, 2006 when the mayor lit the Christmas tree. Although this is a cold season, the addition of heated water options allowed the fountain to run year round!
The creation of the Crown Center plaza really became the town square of sorts for Kansas City. This area boasts a large number of visitors, and also serves as a wonderful site as an event venue!

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