Fountains in and Around Kansas City

Famous Fountains of Kansas City

Featuring more outdoor fountains than any other city, Kansas City has a long tradition steeped in defining itself with beautiful water features.  Founded in 1821, Kansas City’s infatuation with water fountains was born out of a practical purpose: water being a major growth factor for the city.

Kansas City is the point where the Missouri River collides with the Kansas River, and here was a launching point for settlers moving westward. Kansas City was the first city to build a railroad over the Missouri River, a point that would help the growth of the city.

The construction of fountains began through efforts of the Humane Society of Kansas in the late 1800’s. They built the fountains over naturally occurring springs in order to provide clean water to humans and animals alike. The goal of the city planners was to build a city where the street would rival those of Paris, and the outdoor fountains of Rome. Water fountains were the ideal way to beautify the city, while paying homage to the water based origin of Kansas City

The City of Fountains can boast to the amount of fountains, but also to the artistry and styles of fountains that were created. The fountains all tell a story, whether created to mimic a famous European fountain, created in reference to a local historical event, or finally designed to be a modern and contemporary feature for the city.

The “Greater Kansas City Day” marks the day where the fountains begin to flow each year. This also happens to be the day that the Kansas City Major League Baseball Team, the Royal’s, has their first home game of the season. If you ever get a chance to visit, look up the organized walking tours, and see some of the famous fountains for yourself!