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We now come to 1667, with numerous attempts by various popes to complete the Trevi Fountain that have failed. Attempts were made by Clement in 1600, Paul V in 1615, and Urban VIII in 1640. During the reign of Innocent X, only one fountain was built, the Four Rivers, where 150-180 ounces of water was taken from the Trevi fountain. Therefore Innocent was clearly not interested in the Trevi, but the matter was no longer an issue because of his fountain in the Piazza Navona. 

Alexander VII followed in the footsteps of Innocent. In a note from the Chigi Codice, on page 106, explained that in the spring of 1667 Alexander wanted to move the Trevi fountain to the Piazza Colonna. This sit eh square where his families huge residence was and remains located today. Bernini’s idea was rather different, moving the Trajan column and pairing it with the column of Marcus Aurelius that was already located there. Then he would create two large fountains around the columns. The fountains would be a wonderful treat during the summers in Piazza Colonna. 

This obviously did not happen, since Bernini made statements while he was in France in 1665. We also have two designs by Pietro Berrettini da Cortona.  These two fountains solve the issue with the Trevi with the gigantic façade that was intended to face east. It is, therefore, very likely that Pietro da Cortona’s design was actually based on Gian Lorenzo’s design created for Urban VIII in 1640. It is either this or based on another design by the same artist.

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