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The Trevi Fountain is without a doubt, the most famous of all the Roman Fountains. There have been many adjustments to the fountain in the area over the many years of their existent. These restorations were made by people such as Leon Batista, Pope Sixtus IV, and Pope Pius V. The older versions of the fountain did not necessarily sit in the same spot as the modern day Trevi Fountain. 

The actions of Pope Urban VIII were who decided the location of the current fountain. He chose to move the fountain to its current home of the Poli Palace. Urban commissioned Bernini to create a suitable fountain design, with plans to use materials from the Pantheon as well as from the tomb of Cecilia Metella. However these grand ideas to loot from Rome’s treasures did not go over very well with the public, causing the Pope to give up on this idea. The Trevi Fountain, as a result, was not actually built until eleven popes had ruled over the city. 

Niccolo Salvi was the next architect that was given the chance to build the fountain. He was summoned on behalf of Pope Clement XII. The fountain was still not completed in either of their lifetimes. Salvi did use the original plans from Bernini as well as adding his own ideas to the design. The resulting fountain is actually considered to be one of the finest fountains in Rome. This fountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. It is encouraged that all guests visit the fountain in the evenings as well, to toast to the city, their health, and to throw coins into the water as well. 

The present Trevi Fountain was built as a large basin in a semi-circle. There are steps that actually lead to the two tiered fountain that is sunk below ground level. This creates a mesmerizing effect to the area as you approach the fountain. You may even actually forget you are right in the center of Rome. The water cascades down over the ledges and rocks ending at the feet of Neptune, his chariot, and sea horses. To one side, you see the statues of Abundance and Health. This fountain is a source of refuge and beauty in the midst of the busy city.

"Coin Throwing" at the Trevi Fountain

If you want to ensure that you will return to Rome, then it is said that you should throw a coin into the Trevi fountain. This legend has been told and retold and has even appeared in many modern day movies.

There are other manipulations of the legend that say if you toss two coins into the Trevi fountain, you will soon become married. Three coins reverses marriage and ends up in a break up or divorce. The shoulder over which you throw the coins is also important. Throwing them over your left shoulder with your right hand, three coins, is bound to bring you luck.

Money thrown into the Trevi fountain is collected, often an amount of $3500 in a single day, and is used to help a grocery store for the poor of Rome.

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