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The restoration of the Aqua Vergine was inaugurated on August 30, 1570. This was done in the presence of Pope Pius V, as well as the cheering town’s people. The previous water source was known as the Aqua di Salone, because this is where the supplies for the original aqueduct had come from. During this opening the “Congregation of the Most Illustrious and Most Reverend Cardinals for the conveyance of water from Salone”, shortened their title to the “Congregation for the Fountains”. This was now the program that would oversee the entire water works program once there was enough water present to provide at least the lower city with water. This actually occurred much sooner than expected, with the council meeting after only two months from the inauguration. They met at the home of the president, Cardinal Giovanni Ricci da Montepulciano, which would actually become the Villa Medici.

Fountains Supplied by the Vergine
This council meeting came up with the plan to  add fountains in the following locations: "Piazza del Popolo at the place where the three roads meet; the site of the aqueduct below Trinity Church; San Rocco, for the use of the port; Piazza di Sciarra or Colonna; Santi Apostoli; San Marco; Piazza de' Altieri; the Minerva; the Rotonda; the Customs House; Piazza Agoni (i.e. Piazza Navona) - two, one at the top and one at the bottom; Campo de' Fiori; Piazza Giudea; Piazza Montanara; Monte Giordano if the water can be brought there; Piazza di Ponte; Via Giulia - one in the middle". The rest of this article will discuss these fountains, minus the ones that were never built or do not exist any longer.

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