The Location in Which the Porter Fountain was Housed

 The original location of the fountain has long since changed, because in 1720 the building had to be complete renovated. Bringing the building up to code, the building housed the Grifoni family, who had come to Rome in the 15th century. A brief history of the Grifoni family: The Grifoni family was honored by Pope Eugene who allowed them to dress as nobility. Matteo  de Griffoni was the Bishop of Tarento, and he has the home built beside the roman college, and his name is still above the door and fountain, and Michelangelo created his tomb. Anyhow, back to the building. After the renovation, the Porter fountain was returned to the same place. A poem was written about the fountain in 1673, by the poet Michele Silos, where Silos suggests that the fountain should stop pouring out fresh water and the Roman peoples do not deserve it, because of their infatuation with wine. It was after this that the Jesuit Fathers of the Roman college purchased the fountain. This detailed inventory of the Jesuits has the fountain at the bottom of the list describing it as, "On the side of the Building, beneath the ground floor window overlooking Santa Maria in Via Lata, there is a public fountain known as the Porter, sculpted by Michelangelo Buonarroti"

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