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From Traditional to Modern: All the Garden Planters You Need

Garden planters are a fun way to use containers as functional and decorative accents in the garden — and we have everything from classic cast stone to modern planters for sale! Adding these planters anywhere in the garden or backyard or on a deck/patio will beautifully complement any plants. Artistic planters make great gifts, and you can even buy garden planters in sets and save big!

Planters are one of the most basic garden accessories. Planters can hold real or artificial plants, trees, or shrubs. Even vegetable or flower gardens can be grown in containers. Planting in planters is easy because you have complete control of your soil, unlike planting in the ground. Plus, many plants come already planted in plastic containers, so all you have to do is take your pre-planted shrub, bush, or plant, and place it directly inside the concrete planter to make for easy moving and caring.

Transform your garden today with cast stone, zinc, terrazzo, steel, or terra cotta planters. We ship across the United States, including Pennsylvania, California, Texas, Florida, and New York.

Buy Cast Stone Planters

Consider buying cast stone planters to display plants and flowers at their very best. Our planter pots for sale add style and refinement to your polished lawn or garden with minimal effort. And as they age, their beauty enhances, looking like antique stones that generations of your family will love. Cast stone planters provide the stately appearance of concrete or stone planters, making them a must-have if you have plants that need to be placed in containers outdoors.

If you’re searching for large garden planters for sale, your hunt can end here. We offer a selection of large cast stone pot planters online that can be used for oversized plants, directing foot traffic, or providing privacy. No matter the size or style planter you prefer, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a quality gardening pot from the best aesthetic artisans.

Buy Zinc Outdoor Planters

Zinc planters have a long history in England, and they have recently grown in popularity in North America. If the aesthetic you’ve created in your outdoor living space is contemporary or modern, you’ll want to buy these garden planters. The simple elegance of their metal design makes them the perfect addition in gardens with clean, sleek lines and green foliage.

Many homeowners prefer to buy small and large zinc outdoor planters so that they can use the planters in groupings or clusters. Often, they find that one single container isn’t enough to stand out in their garden. If you prefer to add plants to your garden or patio in clusters, you can purchase these planter pots in varying sizes from our online shop.

Purchase Terrazzo Planters

Terrazzo is a composite material that is highly durable but still lightweight for easy use. Terrazzo planters add charm to any garden, patio, or yard with their various patterns and textures. Because of their simplistic beauty, these planters are the perfect gift for someone looking for modern planting containers for sale. When you purchase terrazzo planters, you can expect to receive indoor containers that withstand the test of time.

Shop Steel Outdoor Planters Online

Are you searching for modern planters for sale that hold their own and look great doing so? You should consider using steel planters. You can shop for these steel outdoor planters online and then use them to plant everything from flower bushes to vegetables and herbs. At our online shop, you can find a variety of garden planters for sale so you can get a container that matches your garden’s layout and style effortlessly.

Find Terra Cotta Outdoor Planters Online

If you’re going for a rustic aesthetic in your garden or landscaping, you’ll enjoy the appearance of our terra cotta outdoor planters, which you can purchase online. Their aged appearance matches a variety of gardens, and you can buy small and large planters in various colors to mix and match styles. With such a large selection of pots and planters available for purchase online, you can get exactly what you need to create a beautiful garden.

Looking to Buy? Here’s How to Shop Planting Containers for Sale

With so many traditional and unique planters available online, knowing which one you should use in your garden or on your deck or porch can be challenging. You may know you need to select a planter that has drainage holes, but apart from that, you may not know what else to consider. For example, should you be looking at urn planters for sale, or should you buy pots and planters that are more functional than stylish?

Here are some things you should consider when you go to purchase planter pots:

Your Choice of Plants

Because your plants will likely grow in the planter pots you found for sale online, you’ll need to think about if the plants will be able to thrive in their new home. Be sure to choose a planter that is big enough for the plant’s root ball to grow. Also, consider whether you’ll add ornamental grass or other plants to the container. These factors will change the amount of growing space available.

Ability to Move the Planter

Are you hoping to be able to move around the unique planters you bought online to suit your needs and preferences? If you want to move your planter according to where the sun or shade is or based on seasonal changes, you’ll want to look for small outdoor planters online rather than purchasing large outdoor planters. You should also consider the material that the planter is made of. For example, terra cotta planters are easier to move than stone or concrete planters.

Buy Pots and Planters Online to Complete Your Container Garden

Whether you’re searching for urn planters for sale or wanting to purchase stylish medium or large outdoor planters, we have you covered. With so many plant containers available for use in gardens, you’re sure to find a planter that meets your needs and suits your tastes. Shop outdoor garden planters today! We ship to Pennsylvania, California, Texas, Florida, New York, and the rest of the country.

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