Sandal Rectangle Planters

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Planter Type:
Window Box
Fiberglass Composite

Product Overview

Product Specifications:
  59x18x18 48x18x18 36x18x18 59x18x36 36x18x36 59x24x24 48x24x24
 Dimensions: LxWxH  59x17.75x17.75  47.25x17.75x17.75  35.5x17.75x17.75  59x17.75x35.5  34.5x17.75x35.5  59x23.5x23.5  47.25x23.5x23.5
 Weight: pounds 40  35  29  86  62  62  48
 Inside Top 54.25x13  43.25x13.75  32.25x14.5  54.25x13  32.25x14.5  54.25x18.75  43.25x19.5
 Inside Bottom 58.5x17.25  46.5x17  34.5x16.75  58.5x17.25  34.5x16.75  58.5x23  46.25x23
 Inside Height 17.5  17.25  17.25  34.75  35  23  23
 Base Dimensions 59x17.75  47.25x17.75  35.5x17.75  59x17.75  35.5x17.75  59x23.5  47.25x23.5
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Product Features:

  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Hand crafted
  • Manufactured from a durable fiberglass, clay composite
  • Two drainage holes, evenly spaced and centered, approximately 1/2" - 3/4"

Product Care:

Always place a Campania planter on a solid level surface and not directly on grass, soil or an uneven surface

While Campania's fiberglass planters can withstand UV exposure and extreme temperatures, proper winter care is recommended for all Campania fiberglass planters for protection in environments with potential freeze-thaw cycles. If a planter is to be left planted over the winter, ensure proper drainage by placing a layer of coarse gravel or other appropriate drainage material in the bottom of the container, making sure the drainage holes are not blocked.

If the planter remains in contact with the ground surface over the winter the freeze-thaw cycle may cause the planter to crack. Raise planters off the ground using wooden slats or pot risers to ensure proper drainage through the winter.

Why Choose Campania's Fiberglass?

Campania's fiberglass planters are rated for both indoor and outdoor use. Because of their light weight, fiberglass planters are easy to ship and maneuver, making them ideal for rooftop and terrace applications. Fiberglass planters come in a wide array of sizes, color and styles. Please note that due to the hand application process photography, actual colors may vary from those depicted here.



WARNING: California Residents - Prop 65



(No reviews yet) Write a Review