Choosing the Best Outdoor Bench

Mar 29th 2023

Choosing the Best Outdoor Bench

Our gardens are an extension of the home, the space that allows us to be expressive and connect with nature. We love filling our gardens with colorful, fragrant flowers and lush green shrubs, placing our birdbaths in the right place, and using garden statues to tell our stories. Of course, fountains give the garden a life of its own, but what is missing? A place to rest and enjoy all our hard work. Garden benches offer that final touch to engage with your garden in a peaceful way.

Top Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Bench:

Appearance: Think about your space and your aesthetic style. Is it modern, traditional, or even eclectic? Cast stone benches are made into designs with endless character. They can reflect the wood look as in the Faux Bois Bench collection. Bring the element of plant life, such as the Snowdrop Bench, or even have a modern look like the Chenes Brut Bench. Cast stone benches by Campania International have several options for colorful patinas. Choose from the warmth of Aged Limestone to the cool hue of Alpine Stone or even the dramatic Nero Nuovo to find the perfect color.

Durability and Materials: We all want material for a bench that will last a lifetime. Garden benches must weather the hottest sun and coldest rain. Choosing a suitable material for your climate is essential. Cast stone benches work well in areas near the ocean or water, as there is nothing to rust in the salty and humid air. They are heavy, so nestled in a landscape, a cast stone bench can handle a little bad weather. The one drawback to cast stone versus other materials is freezing temperatures. Bringing the bench inside or raising the base off the ground and covering it if left outside is best. This one step will extend the life of any cast stone piece. Another option for outdoor seating material is poly lumber. Made of recycled plastics, it is super durable and can add a bright pop of color to the landscape. Poly lumber mimics the look of wood and can be produced in a range of colors. Cast stone and poly lumber are two durable choices for eco-friendly garden seating to last a lifetime.

Size and Purpose: Garden benches accommodate one to two people. They are an intimate garden element. And, of course, combining more than one to create a more engaging space is always fun. Outdoor benches can be placed anywhere, but the best place is a location with a purpose. Cast stone benches can be put directly on the ground and are perfect for nestling in a garden or circling a fire pit. The classic Palladio Bench and Table are marvelous for gatherings and outdoor picnics. Measure the area to ensure your bench or bench design fits your ideal setup.

Cost and Service: Choosing the right style, material, and size of your bench will add up to a reasonable price, as a good garden bench will last for years. Purchasing from a reliable outdoor decor supplier ensures you receive quality products that meet your needs and provide equal durability and comfort. With Garden Fountains & Outdoor Decor, you'll find some of the best seats, like our classic garden bench or beautiful dragonfly curved bench. As you'll see, we have various color options and finishes, meaning you'll find an option that complements any space. Outline your needs and desires, and choose an outdoor bench made to order directly from our team.