Tips for Successful Fountain Care

Feb 15th 2023

Tips for Successful Fountain Care

Garden fountains come in many shapes and sizes, often containing sculptures or recognizable figures as part of their designs. An outdoor water fountain is a beautiful piece of art that improves the look of any garden or backyard. They are a reflection of our love of the outdoors and our own personal style. You candiscover cast stone fountains from Garden Fountains & Outdoor Decor to suit your landscape or garden. Maintenance is simple as long as you start off following a few key steps.

How Often Should I Clean My Outdoor Fountain?

You should regularly clean your outdoor fountain every three months to prevent algae buildup and clear away mineral deposits on the basin or fountain pumps. Keeping your fountain clean is vital for maintaining its appearance and preventing algae growth. Extended the life of your fountain by knowing the best practices for cleaning and how often the fountain will need to be cleaned.

The location of your home can also determine how often your fountain will need to be maintained. Outdoor fountains that face harsher weather conditions will require more attention, while others, residing in calm and mild climates, will need a standard level of care.

Placing your fountain in an area with considerable shade can help prevent algae. Finally, the type of water you use determines how often to clean outdoor fountains. For example, using distilled water reduces the number of mineral deposits, which can make a difference in the appearance of your outdoor fountains.

How to Clean Your Outdoor Fountain:

Use the Right Cleaning Supplies

Many materials make up outdoor fountains, including ceramic, copper, stainless steel, and cast stone. Depending on your fountain type, you’ll want to use customized care to get the best results while protecting your fountain.

  • Ceramic fountains only require soapy water and a soft cloth.
  • Clean stainless-steel fountains with stainless steel cleaner and a soft, dry cloth. Take care not to scratch the fountain’s surface.
  • Use a high-quality furniture cleaner and a soft cloth to clean copper fountains.
  • Many cast stone fountains come from stone molds or concrete. Soak the stone with water before using a soft-bristled brush, soap, and warm water to scrub it.

Drain the Fountain

Once you have the right cleaning supplies, you don’t want your fountain running while trying to clean it. Before you start cleaning your fountain, turn it off and unplug the pump then drain your fountain. Leaving the pump running with no water will burn out the motor and you will have to replace it.

Remove Any Debris

Once you’ve drained your outdoor fountain and unplugged the pump, remove any debris from the inside of your fountain. It’s essential to clear away tree branches, leaves, or other debris from nature to protect the pump from clogging.

Wipe Down the Bowl

Use a non-abrasive cloth, sponge, or brush and wipe down the fountain's inner bowl and outer surfaces. Next, refill your water fountain to its normal water levels, and run it as usual. For routine fountain care, wipe down the bowl and outer surfaces every four to six months.

Rinse the Fountain After Cleaning

It’s essential to rinse your fountain after cleaning it to remove any remaining cleaning ingredients. In addition, cleaning any remnants of soap or other elements can ensure it doesn’t produce a flow of bubbles when you turn your pump back on.

Clean the Pump Thoroughly

Refer to your owner’s manual to determine how to detach the water pump. After you have removed it, use a soft cloth to wipe any dirt or debris away. Next, open the cover and wipe the inside of the pump. Finally, use an old toothbrush to clean any harder-to-reach areas.

In Between the Clean

Once your fountain and pump are nice and clean, the last thing you want to think about is the next cleaning date. Using an algaecide like Fountain Fresh is a great solution to extend the needed time between cleanings. Keeping in mind that larger debris will still need removal and other external environmental factors, this is a very helpful step in enjoying your fountain.

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