What Are the Benefits of Having a Water Fountain in My Backyard?

Aug 26th 2022

What Are the Benefits of Having a Water Fountain in My Backyard?

There’s no doubt that fountains add a captivating and unique touch to any outdoor space. Chances are that you’ve been mesmerized by a beautiful fountain at least once in your life, whether gazing up at a huge memorial exhibit or just walking through a business park. But they aren’t only for public parks, memorial landmarks, or commercial locations! There are many benefits to adding one of these amazing outdoor water features to your own backyard. Learn all about the perks of backyard garden fountains here.

Boost Natural Beauty

Whether you decide on free-standing or outdoor wall fountains, you can’t go wrong in the aesthetics department when installing a water fountain in the backyard! Even small fountains can add a lot of natural beauty, so don’t feel like you have to choose the largest fountain out there, either. You can use your new addition as a focal point for your landscaping or just use it for inspiration as you build your personal paradise.

Promote Plant Growth

Are you trying to grow plants in your backyard? Whether you’re a gardening genius or a nature novice, plants will thrive thanks to your new fountain. Some fountains have planters actually built into them, while others provide a moist environment to promote increased nutrition for your growing flora.

Attract Local Wildlife

Even the prettiest indoor varieties can’t compete with outdoor water fountains when attracting local wildlife. If you’re into birdwatching or just enjoy seeing your yard abuzz with animal activity, adding a water fountain to your backyard is one surefire way to get familiar with the local ecosystem. The beautiful sparkle and trickling sounds of your installation will draw in colorful birds, friendly local frogs, and bees and butterflies looking for a drink.

Wow Guests and Visitors

Have you been looking for that special touch that makes your yard an amazing place to spend your free time? Once you’ve got your outdoor fountain working, don’t be surprised if your home becomes a hangout hotspot for your friends and family members. Everyone loves the beauty and relaxing sounds of outdoor fountains, and you’ll be able to host special events and occasions with a unique flair!

Tune Out the Traffic

Does your home experience a lot of traffic noise? While it’s easy to tune out unpleasant noises indoors, revving engines, screeching tires, and honking horns can spoil outdoor get-togethers. Outdoor fountains may not be able to entirely block out those unwanted ear-piercing noises, but they provide something else to focus on: the pleasant, gentle sound of flowing water. The soothing sounds of running water have been theorized to reduce heart rate and promote calming effects, too!

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