Campania #10 Double Hole Stopper ONLY

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#10 Double Hole Stopper required for Campania International Fountains

The #10 Double Hole Stopper is made to fix the Campania International Fountains only. The two holes allow for the use of the Auto Refill Device and LED Light kits. The cords and tubes fit snuggly together in the hole of your fountain to prevent water from leaking. This stopper is only needed with these added accessories unless otherwise indicated on the fountain assembly instructions. If your fountain only has one cord, please purchase the stopper with a single hole.

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  • Only rated for Campania International Fountains.
  • For the use multiple fountain accessories - LED Lights and Auto-Refill Device
  • Made of rubber and should be firmly pressed into the bottom hole of fountain basin.
  • Has two (2) holes in the center of the stopper to fit cords and tubing.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review