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When discussing the small fountain, the Trinita de Monti Fountain, located where the Viale della Trinita de Monti stretches out between the imposing walls at the 16th century Villa Medici, it is a hard fountain to discuss. 

This simple fountain has an ancient basin created from red granite, which sits on the octagonal baluster emerging from the water pool, also in an octagonal shape. There are very few records of the history of the fountain. As a result many stories have come out about the fountain, all embellished by their creators. The story we will focus on explains the fountain as "the masterpiece by Alessandro de’ Medici and Annibale Lippi, certainly the most beautiful of all the Roman fountains".

The idea behind these embellished tales comes from the Medici gardens themselves. A garden of Eden of sorts, full of beautiful exotic flowers, creating a serene and stunning environment. Writers, to their defense then, found the area to be so beautiful, that the fountain was also extremely beautiful because it was pat of the garden. It was the location of the fountain that made it so beautiful.

This area could fool anyone. The peaceful oak trees, and the gentle flow of the fountain, create the perfect backdrop for a Roman’s summer evening. This setting Is totally different from the dusty and loud roman streets just outside of the fountain.


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