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Watercolor done by Bernini, including two tritons holding four fishes, or dolphins, is located in the royal library at Windsor. An almost exact copy in the Library of Archaeology and Art History in Rome is believed to have been created by someone in Bernini’s very own workshop.  It is believed that this watercolor was actually intended to be a sketch for a fountain that was to be constructed.  The removal of the “snail” from the fountain is said to be the key feature done by Gian Lorenazo who imagined a much more extravagant fountain more in the style of Bernini that included powerful Tritons which were almost seated but had their tails tied together.  This also included four dolphins.

Gian Lorenzano’s fountain failed because Innocent did not like the fact that another fountain already included this half seated figure in the middle of the fountain.  His additional sculptures within the fountain also made it seem a bit over crowded and were very similar to the four statues located in the della Porta.


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