The Sound of the Moor Fountain

roman-fountains-2-large.gifNot a loud fountain, the Moor fountain was considered to be a modest sounding fountain.  The exact amount paid to construct the fountain is not known, although, it is compared to the cost for the fountain S. Giacomo degli Spagnoli, which is the church that is located next to the Fountain of the Moor. It is believed that the minor amount of money that was spent on redoing the fountain included a small group of sculptures that Bernini had created in 1652. The sculptures were of three dolphins that held a shell.  A water jet came out of the shell.

The only changes made to the della Porta’s fountain were the collection of sculptures just mentioned. It is said that the collection of sculptors fell very short of the work that was typical of Bernini. While looking at the fountain closer, it has been said that Bernini simply didn’t want to make them a very large piece. The tails of the dolphins are twisted together in the air along with the finishing touch of a large shell.  It was a very similar creation to the “Barberini Triton”, but on a much smaller scale.

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