The Moor Fountain to Modern Times

fountain-of-the-moor-8-large.gifThe finishing touches were put on the moor Fountain and Bernini completed it in the beginning of 1655. The amin shape of the fountain was not changed. Two steps that run around the basin are still there and are enjoyed by modern day Romans. The actual statues were not completed until near 1654. At that point, Bernini realized that the statue itself was too large for the fountain basin and he considered enlarging the entire fountain. Innocent X gave orders for 1000 scudi to be set aside for the fountain to make it large in shape.

Gian Lorenzo took over and tried to use the concepts that della Porta had failed to incorporate. Another fountain, in Campo dei Fiori, later known as the Tureen fountain, was supposed to be set in a large pool basin and shaped similar to the basin of the Moor Fountain. It was to gain water from spouts that came from teh small flights of stairs that surrounded the fountain. This design was later copied in the Barcaccia Fountain, Boat Fountain. Bernini instead decided to remove the steps and the balustrade and add a wider pool that kept similar lines around the entire shape. Travertine border then encircled this with a gentle motif. Additional slabs of travertine were added in order for people to reach the water that spouted out of the masks.

At this point, we can note that it really wasn't Bernini that crated the Moor fountain. It was instead Gian Lorenzo who had the idea to use a reddish purple marble, peacock marble, for the rim around the lower basin. This purple color was later removed and white marble was placed around the fountain today at the final restore, Giovan Battista Contini's request.

The combination of the colors and arrangement of the fountain make it a wonderful work of art that collectively pulls together to create a wonderful Roman fountain.

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