Restored Pieces: The Four Rivers Fountain

This obelisk, found by Pope Innocent X, was lying broken in the ruins of Naumachia of Claudius. He decided to have it restored and erected as the centerpiece for the Piazza Navonna Four Rivers Fountain. So it can be determined from there the date of the designs for the fountain can be dated to the middle of 1647. Bernini, even though being banned from the competition, he was not going to miss an opportunity to be a part of one of the biggest outdoor fountain squares in Rome. His cunningness was so great that he worked his way into the project to get the commission from his rival. The fountain was to be the most beautiful fountain, imitating the four great rivers and creating a great edifice on which the spire would be placed on a splendid pedestal so it could be visible and make a huge impact on the square. This description of Bernini touched the Pope who had declared he would go to Bernini in the future in instead of Borromino. Bernini also received favor from Lady Olympia, who was presented with the model of the fountain, which she loved, and thus recommended Bernini to the Pope. Thus resulting in Borromino falling out of the Pope’s favor.

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