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The fountain of the four Rivers received much praise in the form of poems, verses and hymns since its inauguration, even paying Bernini a grand sum of 4000 scudi. This exciting fountain, perhaps Bernini’s most sensational piece, features sheer ingenuity! Placing the obelisk of the Pope on top of the uneven rock face, practically defies the laws of gravity. Bernini was also able to match the style of the four rivers fountain to the cities atmosphere. However, this work does feature heaviness, and lacks originality. When looking at the heads of two of the colossal statues of the rivers are identical, and a third matches one from the coat of arms version by Borromini. The figures may not be in proportion, but many of them do have a lifelike quality, the palm tree for example. This fountain is a true tribute to theatrical art, creating a stunning watery masterpiece!

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