The Obelisk- Was it Supposed to be in the Four Rivers Fountain?

The only protest would come in the fact that the obelisk in not in the unpublished drawing. The few designs that were presented for the fountain included the obelisk, which the Pope had ordered to be placed in the fountain. A document dating back to August 1645, shows how Bernini was trying to win the good graces of the pontiff, after been being overlooked for Borromini. The documents suggested the following:  His Lordship is thinking of having the water from the Trevi Fountain brought to Piazza Navona, where it will look very well with the Structures that are to be built to further ennoble the City. And because it will take 30,000 scudi to construct the main water conduit, Cav. Bernino has offered to give the said sum, provided that he can buy the return water once it has been used in Piazza Navona, and an agreement to that effect has been made with him for that quantity.  This report shows Bernini’s shrewd business tactics, and his plan to get control over the creation of the fountain, even though this attempt had failed. His hoped of winning over the Pope through these means, probably led him to create a sketch for the fountain, and after the Popes edicts, added to obelisk afterwards.

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